12 Meter Worlds

Both of our America’s Cup 12 Meters will participate in the 2019 World Championships in Newport, RI. https://12mrworlds.com/

The 12 Meters are owned by the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation and Members who support these boats are known as our “12 Meter Syndicate.” Our Club has participated in the Newport 12 Meter races in 2007 & 2008 and we raced in the Worlds in 2009. We know this will be a grand event.

There are 10 racing spots on each boat for the 12 Meter Worlds. These will first be offered to Syndicate Members and then any extra spots will be opened up to other MYC Members. 

People who race on the 12 Meters contribute to the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation’s regatta costs. If you do not wish to race every day, you can also team up with another Member and split your spot. For information on costs, please call Mindy King at 212-786-3323.

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