The Club Fleet


Manhattan Yacht Club’s fleet consists of club-owned and privately owned yachts.   The main fleet is the club-owned J/24 sailboats.  Currently, the club owns 38 J/24s. 

Club Owned Yachts

Manhattan Yacht Club began in 1987 with a fleet of 12 white J/24s. These were numbered 1 to 12. The white fleet is now 14 boats in size and still numbered the same. More recently, as the club has been expanding J/24s, these newly added boats have been painted red and named after the great clipper ships which used to sail in the harbor in the 1800s. Below is a list of club-owned boats:

  • Comet (J/24)
  • Contest (J/24)
  • Flying Cloud (J/24)
  • Flying Dutchman (J/24)
  • Flying Fish (J/24)
  • Great Republic (J/24)
  • Sea Nymph (J/24)
  • Sea Witch (J/24)
  • Sovereign of the Seas (J/24)
  • Stag Hound (J/24)
  • Swordfish (J/24)
  • Young America (J/24)
  • Fugitive (G-Sloop)
  • Shamrock (G-Sloop)
  • Tabasco (Sonar)


  • Greyhound
  • Admiral’s Launch
  • Commodore’s Launch


Privately Owned Yachts

Below is an list of private yachts authorized to fly the club burgee. The list is in order of membership seniority. Click on the sailing name to see a picture and full description of the yacht.

  • Esquiro IV – Todd Schliemann (1990)
  • Falcon – Maureen Corrado (2005)
  • Respite – Lelia Mureebe (2005)
  • Trader’s Princess – Greg Hold (2006)
  • Knot Guilty – Mitch Freedman (2006)
  • Hope – George Kewin and Dr. Cathy Carron (ltd) (2006)
  • Serendipity – Dustin Goodwin (2007)
  • La Belle Aurore – Jonathan Schultz (2008)
  • Sojourner – Cliff and Sunita Franklin (2010)

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