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Join us for the greatest vacation of your life – De Caribbean Regatta!  Below is a developing list of boats, skippers & crew.

1. “Heeling Wind’” — SOLD OUT! 
Onward to the BVIs for a 3rd year in a row!  Emphasis on sailing as much as possible, but we’ll do our share of swimming, snorkeling and sampling the great cuisine that the BVIs offer.  Looking forward to an exhilarating week. Both ASA 103 and 104 are on offer via Charles Rolling for anyone interested in learning as we go.

Yacht: Sunsail Monohull 47 – 3 cabin, 3 head
Skipper: Rob Goldstein
2. Lisa Goldstein
3. Katherine Whitby (ASA 104)
4. Adam Lobdell
5. Jennifer Smith
6. Mike Mortensen


Caribbean Sara
2. “The Great Escape” — SOLD OUT! 
Leave the city behind and come discover Anegada Island, where we’ll swim in the lagoon at Cow Wreck beach.  Enjoy the Caribbean state of mind at a full moon beach party, snorkeling at the Dogs and relaxing with a glass of rosé on the back of the boat at sunset. We’ll all become better sailors having lots of fun together! And if you want to take coastal cruising ASA 103 and bareboat chartering ASA 104, you can do that, too!  I enjoy teaching, racing J24s, sailing in the club’s 12 Meter program and especially cruising. This will be my fourth trip to the BVIs, so together we’ll see some cool places!

Yacht: Sunsail 51.4 Monohull – 4 cabin, 4 head
Skipper: Sara Burke
2. Liz Stern
3. Teresa Faria (ASA 104)
4. Richard Lee Bond (ASA 104)
5. Max Noreng (ASA 104)
6. Chris Rude (ASA 104)
7. Tina Sher
8. Chantal-Line Carpentier


3. “A Better Boat”— SOLD OUT!
Charles is a native Texan who lives in New York City and doesn’t mince his words when he simply states, “Just Sign Up.  You Know You Want To GO.”  In 2018 he was named one of the American Sailing Association’s Top Instructors (that’s worldwide!).  Charles also offers ASA 103 & 104 for those interested in learning while playing.

Yacht: Moorings 4800 catamaran, 4 cabin, 4 head
Skipper: Charles Rolling
2. Dorian Koch
3. Dorian Koch
4. Kia Cheleen
5. Katherine McCauley (ASA 104)
6. Jen Leemann
7. Maire Griffin
8. Natalee Bloom


4. “The Pillage People”— SOLD OUT!
We’re monohulling it! Are you ready for your close-haul? We take no prisoners in our quest for epic food (chef on board!), sun, sails, and fun. We’ll dance our way through these historic isles where once the lady pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read ruled supreme. And we will be very. serious. contenders. in both the fabled appetizer competition as well as the week-crowning… wait for it… dinghy paddle race!! Krista, who has guided water-based wilderness expeditions for nearly 20 years, will be working with Lead Instructor, Charles Rolling, to offer both ASA 103 (Basic Coastal Cruising) and/or ASA 104 (Bareboat Cruising) courses in De Caribbean… at a nice leisurely full-week pace. It’s on, People!

Yacht: Moorings 45.3 Monohull – 3 cabin, 3 head
Skipper: Krista DeMille
2. Yevgeniya Zagika (ASA 104)
3. Olga Zagika (ASA 104)
4. Jeanne Mendell
5. Marko Schmale (ASA 103/104)
6. Judi Powers (ASA 103/104)
7. Edith Koller-Dette (ASA 103)
8. Todd Folk


5. “The Black Pearl”— SOLD OUT!
Come free yar-self of the icy cold this January aboard The Black Pearl – Year Three! Come master your sailing skills, and learn so much more as we sail from island to island each day in paradise. This trip is one that many sailors dream about taking and it is so much better with the whole MYC fleet by your side. Every day is an adventure and you are guaranteed to remember these moments for the rest of your life.  Alexandria Wills, sailing instructor & custom shoemaker, will offer ASA 103 and ASA 104 on her yacht.

Yacht: Moorings 5000 catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head
Skipper: Alexandria Wills
2. Laura MacFie
3. Oona Evans
4. Victoria Tracy
5. Russ Moeller
6. Stanley Wozniak
7. Adrien Cogny
8. Thomas Lovering
9. Douglas Wills 10. Lyra Jakabhazy


Caribbean Anne
6. “Sailing & Sundowners”
The name says it all.  We like to sail hard and party hard. Take your sailing skills to the next level during the day, and in the evening perfect your Dark & Stormy technique.  We’ll be doing the 103 and 104 classes.  Anne has been developing the next generation of badass sailors for over 10 years, and she’s back for her third year of Caribbean Week.  If you ask her how last year went, she’ll tell you the truth: what happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean.

Yacht: Moorings 4800 catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head
Skipper: Anne Popolizio
2. Aymeric Halvarsson (ASA 104)
3. Hayley Margio (ASA 104)
4. Nosh Petigara (ASA 103 & 104)
5. Ryan Edmiston (ASA 103 & 104)
6. Aleksey Zykov (ASA 104)
7. Vincent Marger
8. Steven Heinowitz (ASA 103)


7. “Reposado”— SOLD OUT!
Strict discipline. Morning knot practice. Overnight anchor watch. Extensive daily math work on navigational problems. Meals, when we rarely get them, will be traditional hard biscuits and salt pork. Deck and hull will be scrubbed day and night. Sunrise will find our crew already holding the dinghy overhead while running on the beaches. At night we will conduct clandestine boardings of other vessels. Anyone who happens to survive will laugh at the Navy SEALS who have it so easy. ASA 103, 104 and 114 certifications will be signed in the blood of our fallen. Sense of humor required.

Yacht: Moorings 4500 catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head
Skipper: Michael Fortinberry
2. Bill Donnelly
3. Juli Donnelly
4. Stian Nilsen
5. Shalia Skjong
6. Weston Cooke
7. Sasha Ban (ASA 114)
8. Christopher Lotts (ASA 104)


8. “Windborne Rising”
Dave Simson, a MYC Skipper and possibly the most easy-going person you will ever meet, promises great sailing on the trade winds and parties on the beach.  Dave will be working in conjunction with instructor Anne Popolizio to offer both ASA 103 and 104.

Yacht: Sunsail 46 – 3 cabin, 3 head
Skipper: Dave Simson
2. Alex Ponomarenko
3. Marina Kushnir (ASA 104)
4. Karl Nightstar (ASA 103)
5. Nicole Bauthier


9. “Mercedes VI”— SOLD OUT!
Sailing with Mercedes VI is all about having fun. We will race every day and enjoy the evening’s festivities, so come have fun with us.

Yacht: Moorings 5000 Catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head
Skipper: Doug Riehl
2. Debra Valenti
3. Charlie Burgdorf
4. Christina Burgdorf
5. Trish Donlevy
6. Penelope Taback
7. Steve Kougioumtzis
8. Laura Mears


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