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Join us for the greatest vacation of your life – De Caribbean Regatta!  Below is a listing of boats, skippers & crew.
More Potential Crew:
Ben Ryan & Lindsay Carroll
Alistair duPont
Theodore Papadopoulos
Joyce Tibbet

More Potential Skippers:
Todd Murphy
Anne Popolizio

1. “No Boundaries” – SOLD OUT!!

Music, drinks, cards… many more things. A boat where we won’t take things too seriously but we will take kicking back and bantering seriously, oh, and have an epic time sailing around the BVI. We will naturally trust the skipper as he has a British accent. Can’t wait.

Yacht: Sunsail 444 Premium catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head, 8 people – $1,690
1. Skipper: Tom Johnson
2. Katie Morse
3. Ella Shen
4. Anthony Glover
5. Margaux Knee (ASA 104)
6. Kevin Philip
7. Orest Bauer
8. Peter Bates (ASA 104)
9. Kate Jones


2. “Millennium Falcon” – SOLD OUT!!

Millennium Falcon will be the coolest bucket of bolts cruising the Caribbean this year. We’ll sail everyday stopping at a different beautiful islands in the BVI’s. Aboard Millennium Falcon one can reach sailing nirvana, snorkel and scuba in crystal clear waters, visit local hang outs at night, let a Wookie beat you at chess or do nothing at all, the choice is yours! And if you want to take (ASA 103) Basic Coastal Cruising and/or (ASA 104) Bareboat Cruising, you can do that too.

Yacht: Moorings 4600 catamaran, 4 cabin, 4 head – $1,790
1. Skipper: Mike McCarty
2. Sarai Narvaez (104)
3. Jonathan Pulliza
4. Paavana Lepard (103 & 104)
5. David Lepard (103 & 104)
6. Marek Stawiarski (104 & 114)
7. Lee Zhang
8. Aaron Jackson (103 & 104)
9. Jessica Forbes


3. “A Better Boat” – SOLD OUT!!

A native Texan who lives in New York City, Charles doesn’t mince words when he simply states, “just sign up. You know you want to come.”  Charles will also offer ASA 103 & 104 for those interested in learning while playing.
Yacht: Moorings 4600 catamaran, 4 cabin, 4 head – $1,790

1. Skipper: Charles Rolling
2. Linda Keefe (ASA 104)
3. Megan Kiefer (ASA 103)
4. Anne Lutin
5. Alexandra Stewart
6. Amy Parise
7. Richard McLawrence (ASA 103 & 104)
8. Keisha Booker (ASA 103 & 104)


4. “Caribbean Dreamin’” – SOLD OUT!!
Come join a group of first time Caribbean sailors for a relaxing and exhilarating week of discovering all the BVIs have to offer. Sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, seeing amazing sites and helping the BVIs recover in any way we can. ASA 103 and 104 offered through Charles Rolling for anyone interested in learning as we go.

Yacht: Moorings 45.3 – 3 cabin, 3 head, 6 people – $1,590
1. Skipper: Rob Goldstein
2. Biff Wruszek
3. Grayson Hoffman
4. Jamie Hoffman
5. Justin Huntington
6. Roland Jezek (ASA 104)

5. “Flagship” 

We are going back! We love the BVIs and we feel your pain from Hurricane Irma. When we suffered through 9/11, the Royal BVI and West End Yacht Clubs got together to throw a cocktail party for us. We’re going down to throw a cocktail party for you. It will be hard at first, but we know from our own experience that you will survive and flourish again. We are coming down to help start that process. Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead!

Yacht: Sunsail 444 catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head, 8 people – $1,590
1. Skipper: Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh
2. Sarah Raymond
3. Jim Cavanaugh
4. Wilson Cavanaugh



6. “The Black Pearl” 

Come free yar-self of the icy cold this January aboard The Black Pearl year 2! Come master your sailing skills, and learn so much more as we sail from island to island each day in paradise. This trip is one that many sailors dream about taking and it is so much better with the whole MYC fleet by your side. Every day is an adventure and you are guaranteed to remember these moments for the rest of your life. Join Alexandria Wills, MYC Sailing Instructor & custom shoemaker, to the beautiful waters of the British Virgin Islands.

Yacht: TBA
1. Skipper: Alexandria Wills
2. Jason Kronstat (ASA 104)
3. Daniel Stivaly (ASA 104)

7. “Beyond” 

The BVIs on Beyond will be all about sailing as much as possible, relaxing (snorkeling, star gazing, more lazing around the boat than closing down the bar) and looking for volunteer opportunities to help the BVIs and Caribbean recover from the 2017 hurricane season.

Yacht: TBA
1. Skipper: Sara Burke
2. Rahul Garkhail (ASA 103 & 104)
3. Keith Sheppard (ASA 103 & 104)


8. “Breeze Borne” 

Come to the British Virgin Islands and be Borne on the Breeze. We’ll sail on the trade winds and party on the beach. This is my first trip to the Caribbean and I hope to sail hard and party hearty.

Yacht: TBA
1. Skipper: Dave Simson
2. Alex Ponomarenko
3. Ed Rambali


9. “Happy Days” 

“Good bye grey sky, hello blue.”

Yacht: Sunsail 444 catamaran – 4 cabin, 4 head, 8 people – $1,590
1. Skipper: Rear Commodore Luigi Galbiati
2. Nina Galbiati
3. Robert von Celsing


10. “The Dreamers” 

Feel the warm tropical breezes on your skin, swim in crystal clear waters, run your toes through the cool sand, dine al fresco under the stars with an ice cold beverage in your hand. Come live the dream with us! You won’t regret it!

Yacht: TBA monohull
1. Skipper: Sonya Mesommonta
2. Andrew Pistor (ASA 103 & 104)
3. Benjamin Bonte (ASA 103 & 104)

11. “Curious Cat” 

This cat wants to sail every island, and join every party because she’s very curious. But she needs help, come join us in the BVIs this winter and show her around!

Yacht: TBA monohull
1. Skipper: Emre Cumali
2. Johannes Hermann (ASA 104)
3. Aynur Hermann (ASA 104)

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