The Life Raft Party

Sat. July 27

This year, the three liferafts on Arabella reached 20 years of age and were replaced with new ones. So this creates a once-in-20-year opportunity, for sailing education as well as a fun club party.

You are invited to attend the Life Raft Party on Saturday, July 27 beginning at 6 pm.  The 3 life rafts will be positioned on the MYC docks. Twenty tickets will be offered for each raft. You will need to choose raft A, B or C. 

Then the cords will be pulled creating a unique and valuable education opportunity for anyone who ever expects to sail offshore where a life raft can be so valuable. When your raft inflates, you will be able to hop aboard and float off the club docks. 

Complimentary Mt Gay Rum & tonics (with plenty of ice) will be served. Yes, you can bring some snacks (canned foods are especially proper). Yes you may bring your own speakers and play music. If the party gets to lively, you may be required to wear a life jacket.  At the end of the evening, you will be invited to slice off a piece of life raft to keep as a souvenier.

20 spots are available on each raft on a first come basis.  60 total spots.  Members may bring friends. Tickets are $25 each and include Mt Gay & tonics. Tickets already confirmed: 

Raft A: Matt Jordan, Stephanie Rogers, Brooke Lyon, Michael Franko, Han Deng, Yin Wu, Yuanxi Via, Ken He, Heather Keane, Phil Grant, Katerina Nakladova

Raft B: Margaux Knee, Margaux Knee 2, Sonita Sadio, Ed Rambali, Mufti Ahmed, Joanna Dingle, Trina Rennie, Tom Miller, Meghan Neely, Stephen Bowman, Bruce Esrig, Chris Patterson,

Raft C: Joe Laszlo, Ruth Cole, Tricia Lynch, Julie Hylton

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