Family Fun Regatta

With the growth of junior sailing at MYC, we are adding a new annual event called “The Family Regatta.”

Saturday, June 9, 2018

3 pm – Skippers Meeting

4 pm – Race Start

This is a great way for Members with kids to get to know other Members with kids, and also for us to impart the love of racing to the next generation of Members.

RULES: Each boat shall have at least 2 adults and 2 children ages 8-15 (16 and up are counted as adults). If you need more adults or children on your team, we can help you pair up! No Spinnakers.

RACE: Race commences at the Honorable William Wall at 4 pm. The course is to a green mark off the Statue of Liberty and then around other marks as determined by wind, weather and current. The goal is to have a 1 hour race.

POT LUCK DINNER & FAMILY GAMES: After sailing, all families are invited to bring one or more food dishes for a pot luck dinner and BBQ.  There will be additional games for competition and trophies will be awarded for the race.

To reserve a boat, please email

List of 2018 Families Entered:

1. Moreland Family (Doug, Carol & Hugo)
2. Vincenti Family (John & Alexander)
4. Hinchey Family (Erin & Ethan)
5. Farkas Family (Zoltan & Karoly )
6. Bober Family (Simon & Ryder & Jordan )

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