Honorable William Wall


The Honorable William Wall, affectionately called the “Willy Wall,” is Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse.  This Clubhouse is anchored in New York Harbor just north of Ellis Island from May through October. 

The Clubhouse serves as a spectator platform for members and guests to watch sailing races, and as an event space for corporate and member parties. 

The downstairs Champagne Bar is a Members-only space.  The upper deck is open to Members and the public.  The Clubhouse is an important public-outreach program of our Club and helps introduce many more people each year to sailing in New York Harbor.

The launch fee to ride out to the Honorable William Wall is $20 per person.  Manhattan Yacht Club Members receive 50% off drinks onboard.

More details about the Clubhouse including a calendar of events is at https://willywall.com  


The US Coast Guard capacity for the clubhouse is 149 people. Our Admiral’s Launch capacity is 47 guests.

Full Moon Parties

The big event every month is the famous “Full Moon Party,” a MYC Members-Only Event. Visit the club website for upcoming dates and more details.

History of the Clubhouse

The clubhouse was originally designed by Sparkman & Stephens and construction began in 2002. Seventy-six members subscribed to “Clubhouse Bonds” which raised money for the initial structure. The clubhouse has been improved every year since.

Who was the Honorable William Wall?

The clubhouse is named after William Wall who moved to New York City in 1821 after serving as a rope apprentice in Philadelphia.  He set up shop in Williamsburg and built a successful rope business.  Later, he served as Superintendent of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Mayor of Williamsburg, founder of the Williamsburg Savings Bank and Congressman for New York City during the Civil War (hence the title “Honorable”).  Five generations later, Michael Fortenbaugh moved to New York City after graduating from Princeton University.  Inspired by his ancestor, the Commodore also decided to create a enterprise on the waterfront.



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