Make a Sailing Reservation

Our automated reservation system makes the reservation process easy, fast and smooth.

Click here to log in to the new reservation system.

After you have logged in, click here to change your password.

Once you are logged in to the system, click “Help” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the User Guide. You can also access the User Guide by clicking here. Please carefully read the User Guide before making reservations.

Reservation System

  • Members may have one reservation on the books at a time. This helps to ensure everyone has a chance to sail.
  • You can waitlist a number of time slots, but once you receive a confirmation for one, your other waitlisted times are voided.
  • After completion of your confirmed sailing time, you can log back into system and make your next reservation.
  • A $20 no-show fee will be charged to any member who fails to show up without canceling 24 hours in advance.

Making a Crew Reservation

  • Crew members use the reservation system to sign up for Fleet Captain sails, our member-only program. Guests (including family w/out crew-privileges) are not permitted on Fleet Captain sails.

Making a Skipper Reservation

  • Skipper members use the reservation system to reserve a Cruising sailboat and can bring guests. The Skipper’s club account is charged $10 per guest, and it should be noted that any one person can only be a MYC guest a maximum of 3 times per season.

For questions, please call the club office at 212-786-3323.

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