Mentor Program

Become a Skipper through the Mentor Program

If you wish to become an MYC Skipper, the Mentor Program is a great opportunity for you. This program helps to prepare Members who want to become skippers. It is a volunteer program and part of the spirit of Manhattan Yacht Club. Many Members who have come up through our programs then give back by educating the next generation of skippers.

MYC Mentors are experienced skippers who volunteer their time and share their sailing know-how. This will help prepare you for your Skipper Certification test.

The Skipper Mentors are:

Gabriel Krochmal

Jay Parekh

Erik Thygesen

Kinya Tago

Ray Quinn

Under the guidance of a Mentor, participants can hone their sailing and boat handling skills and get ready for the responsibility of skippering a J/24 in New York Harbor. Becoming a skipper has many rewards, but it also demands a commitment. To be fully aware of what will be expected of you as a skipper, read over the skipper certification test and the skipper agreement.

Then if you wish to be considered for the Mentor Program, you should already have:

  • ability to rig (including choice of foresail) and de-rig a J/24
  • knowledge and demonstration of all points of sail
  • confidence and competence in tacking and jibing from all points of sail
  • ability to tie basic knots and understanding of when and where to use them
  • a good knowledge of our harbor
  • knowledge of club and safety rules
  • a detailed understanding of the J/24 boats we sail
  • conversant with rules of the road
  • knowledge and demonstration of basic safety procedures under normal and adverse conditions

And don’t forget about those knots you should know how to tie! If you aren’t sure about your readiness, we recommend that you sail with skippers and fleet captains as much as you can, and ask them to show and train you the essential sailing skills.

When you feel ready to join the Mentor Program, join one of our monthly virtual meetings or get in touch with one of the Mentors directly.

Virtual Meeting Dates 2021:

  • 17th June 7pm
  • 22nd July 7pm
  • 19th August 7pm
  • 16th September 7pm

Please email the head of the program, Gabriel Krochmal c/o and you will receive the link/ details for the next virtual meeting. In case you are not able joining one of our virtual meetings, please ask for the contact details of one of the mentors at the club house. They are happy to discuss individually your best way in becoming a future Skipper.

Skipper certification test

Skipper agreement

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