Join the Race Committee

All Members are invited to join and help the MYC Race Committee which is a  fun and social group.

This is an especially good way for new Members to get more involved in the Club. Volunteering on RC offers a weekly schedule where you come down, participate and meet other Members.

You do not need prior racing experience to participate in the Race Committee. In fact, one of the most important positions is the “CBO.” This stands for “Chief BBQ Officer” and is the person in charge of encouraging all RC Members to bring food each week to BBQ. There is a special table reserved for the RC each evening and breaking bread together will enhance your social experience and connect you with more people.

Race-Committee-FlagAnd if you do have racing experience, even better.

Race Committee volunteers are needed for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So if you like riding on MYC’s cool powerboats like “Greyhound,” and you like visiting the Honorable William Wall, and you like receiving a complimentary drink each evening once the races have started, then get involved! Once you sign up, you will receive training for more experience Members. Anyone can do this. You will learn and have fun.

Use this form below to join the Race Committee or email

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