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Manhattan Yacht Club is the premier sailing organization in New York Harbor. The Club has a broad range of facilities and a dynamic community of Members.

To join Manhattan Yacht Club, you must be proposed by a Member. Then you may complete a membership application and will be invited for an interview with the Membership Committee. If you do not know any Members, you may send a cover letter with your sailing resume to Club Manager Mindy King at  She will review the information and follow up with you.

Club Facilities

Our broad range of facilities begins with the Clubhouse at Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City. The Clubhouse is filled with historical photos, trophies and burgees from around the world. There are Member lockers and bathrooms. The Clubhouse is surrounded by a grass lawn and several decks where Members can relax on white rocking chairs. Flying above the clubhouse is our flagpole which was donated by Members in 2016.

The Clubhouse is an enjoyable place to relax and escape from the bustle of city life. After races, teams gather around the BBQs and prepare dinner. On weekends, Members enjoy the cushioned chairs beneath the sun awning and families frequently spend the whole day. The social connections created at the Clubhouse are a valued piece of the richness that is Manhattan Yacht Club.

Manhattan Yacht Club also has a second Clubhouse anchored in New York Harbor. This is called the Honorable William Wall and it serves as a spectator platform for the sailboat races. Affectionately called the “Willy Wall,” this clubhouse features an open air bar on the upper deck and Members receive 50% off all drinks. This is an impressive clubhouse to entertain friends, family and co-workers, especially if they are visiting from out of town.

Our main sailing facilities are a shared-use fleet of J/24 sailboats. Membership in the Club gives you access to this fleet and you can sail in the harbor without owning a boat. The Club currently keeps 13 white J/24s on floating docks in front of the Clubhouse. There are an additional 10 red J/24s which are used for our sailing school.

During our 30th Anniversary Season, the Club also established a fleet of International One Designs (IODs). These are classic yachts, beautiful to look at and impressive to sail. The IODs are owned by individual Members or syndicate groups of Members and the fleet has grown to 6 boats.

In winter, the Club offers Frostbite Sailing for member-owned Sunfish dinghies. The program launched in 2016 and is expanding rapidly. By spring 2018, race programs for dinghies may be offered in summer as well.

Member Community

Our community is an engaged, diverse group composed from all backgrounds who share a common passion for sailing. Most Members experience a significant increase in their recreational and social lives after joining Manhattan Yacht Club.

The spirit of Manhattan Yacht Club is one of openness and inclusivity. MYC re-introduced recreational sailing to New York Harbor in 1987. Since then, the Club has pioneered many innovative programs which have made sailing more accessible to more people.

MYC is renowned for our racing programs. There are J/24 races on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The IODs race on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. There is a Corporate Sailing League on Thursday evenings and the America’s Cup 12 Meters race on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We have an equally strong cruising program. Our Club J/24s sail 7 days a week from May until October. The most popular program called “Fleet Captain” where Club Skippers volunteer to take fellow Members sailing. This is a great way for new Members to get involved in the Club and begin making sailing connections.

The Club also has a strong educational philosophy. The Fleet Captain Program takes many people who have just completed a Basic Sailing course and turns them into seasoned crew. There is also a Mentor Program where Skippers work with aspiring sailors to hone their skipper skills.

For travel, our Club organizes international trips every year. There is “De Caribbean Regatta” every January. In November, we head to Bermuda for a 3 day regatta on IODs at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Every second year, we travel to Monte Carlo for Monaco Classic Week. And in Nov 2018, we have already been invited to New Zealand for the ribbon cutting and regatta to celebrate the new clubhouse of the Royal Akarana Yacht Club. One of the great things about Club trips is that we often send a social team in addition to a racing team.

Closer to home, our two big annual social events are the Sailors Ball every April and the Annual Dinner in December. In between there are gatherings at the Clubhouse, Full Moon Parties in the harbor and BBQs almost every night throughout the season.

Initiation Fee & Dues

The Initiation Fee to join Manhattan Yacht Club is $250. Then there are 2 levels of Membership.

Regular Membership offers use of Club facilities and the ability to sail on the Club J/24 as crew. Dues for Regular Membership are $1,540 per year.

Skipper Membership offers use of Club facilities and the ability to skipper one of the Club J/24s. Dues for Skipper Membership are $2,340 per year.

Dues for Juniors (25 and under) & Seniors (65 and older) are discounted 50%. Members who join after the sailing season has begun pay pro-rated dues their first year.  If you join Jan-May, you pay full dues. If you join in June, you pay 5/6 dues, July 4/6 dues, August 3/6 dues, September 2/6 dues and October 1/6.

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