Frostbite Racing

This exciting racing series is organized for Members during the winter months. It’s a great way to improve you skills and accelerate your learning curve.

Races are held on Saturday afternoons beginning at 2 pm.

Sunfish are owned by Members or groups of Members.

If you wish to acquire a Sunfish and start competing in the Frostbite Series, please send an email to

Members can store their boats on the floating Sunfish docks ($50/month) or on the clubhouse racks ($30/month).

Frostbite Sailing Instructions 2020-2021 v2

Resources for MYC Sunfish Sailors

Sunfish Rigging Manual by Laser

Sunfish Rigging by Alcort

Sunfish Tuning Guide by Scott Kyle

Sunfish Name Decals

Sunfish Bow Bumpers

Game Changing Gloves

Sunfish How to Get Out of Irons


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