Corporate Sailing League


Every Thursday evening, corporate sailors head out into the harbor for some fun and spirited races. Welcome to the “Corporate Sailing League.”

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You can enter your company and begin using New York Harbor for recreation.  This will get you outside in the fresh air. The sailing conditions are excellent with consistent sea breezes all summer. Sailing in front of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan will change your perspective and make you love the city more than ever.

The Corporate Sailing League is just the start of how your company can access the harbor.

The Corporate Sailing League is raced on J/24 sailboats. J/24s are the most popular one-design keelboat in country. They are fast and responsive racers and the sailing equivalent of a sports car. Teams normally race with a crew of five people, although teams sometimes race with as many as 6 or as few as 3.

The J/24 sailboats are provided by Manhattan Yacht Club which keeps a fleet of 24 at Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City. The boats are always ready and waiting for you. You and your team just show, do a few minutes of preparation and then you can head out into the harbor for an evening of exhilarating racing.

Racing by Ellis Island

The club J/24s are all rigged identically and the fleet is outfitted with mains, genoas and jibs which are sponsored by Mount Gay Rum. Teams provide their own spinnakers.

New corporate teams sometimes need help crewing their boat. The yacht club can connect you with other experienced sailors or instructors to help you and your team get up to speed.

The first race starts every Thursday around 6:40 p.m.  The races are held in New York Harbor just north of Ellis Island.  The start and finish of each race is from the Honorable William Wall, the floating clubhouse in the harbor. Races can start in an upwind or downwind direction. Marks are inflatable buoys positioned by the race committee and all courses are windward leeward.

The Corporate Sailing League uses short courses so multiple races are held each evening. If you don’t do well in the first race, not to worry, there will be more opportunities.

Trophies are awarded each evening to the top finishing teams. Series standings are also compiled based on average finish. If the Corporate Sailing League grows to 12 teams or more, the fleet will be split into a gold and silver division. Teams will move up or down each series like they do in English soccer.

The sailing season is split up into a Spring, Early Summer and Late Summer series. Each series runs for 6 weeks. Teams can enter one or more series. Races canceled due to weather are not rescheduled.

The Entry Fee for the Corporate Sailing League is $3,800 per series. Teams receive a 10% discount for 2 series and a 20% discount for 3 series. The entry fee covers the use of the boat and sails as well as race management and trophies.

Additional costs for each team could be their corporate spinnaker as well as launch fees for their spectators to travel to and from the floating clubhouse in the harbor.

Deutsche Bank Spinnaker

One of the exciting aspects of the Corporate Sailing League is that most teams race with a spinnaker emblazoned with their corporate logo. The boats start at the clubhouse and head off upwind. Then they reach the weather mark and hoist their spinnakers. Spectators on the clubhouse let out a cheer as they see which team is winning and who is coming on strong in second and third. Corporate spinnakers build enthusiasm for your sailors and spectators. You may purchase your corporate spinnaker from any sailmaker as long as it is built to J/24 class rules.

Start of Race with Clubhouse

One of the unique aspects of racing in Manhattan is that spectators can watch the competition. All races are run around the “Honorable William Wall,” Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse in the harbor. You will have a race team of 5 people, but you can also have a spectator team of 15 to 20 people every Thursday evening! Your spectators can ride out the clubhouse on the Admiral’s launch.  Once aboard, they can purchase drinks, enjoy the harbor atmosphere and see the skyline of Manhattan. When the races get underway, your spectators will be able to follow the action and listen to the play-by-play announcer. They will cheer as your boat sails by the clubhouse. The Honorable William Wall was featured last summer in the New York Times and Time Out NY as the best waterfront bar in the city. Tickets sell out every night and you will have a special option to purchase blocks of tickets for your spectators in advance. Launch tickets are $20 per person and the clubhouse operates a cash bar with credit cards accepted.


One Day Corporate Regattas

Companies can rent a fleet of boats form the club to hold their own sailing event.  You can invite employees or clients down to participate.  One Day Corporate Regattas usually begin with sailing instruction and then end with a fun and informal race.  Corporate Regattas can be organized anytime during the day.  On evenings, they can be organized on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays.  The minimum number of boats for a corporate event is 3 and the maximum is 15, depending on the day.  To receive the PDF brochure, please send an email to

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