Monaco Classic Week 2019

Yacht Club de Monaco is the most stylish club in the world and Classic Week is their signature event. 

To get a feel for Monaco Classic Week and why you definitely would like to participate, click this video:

We will ship one of the 12 Meters, US 46, across the Atlantic Ocean to participate in this grand event. The social events in Monaco are legendary.

For 5 days, Monaco will be filled with some of the greatest sailboats in Europe. Races are scheduled Wednesday through Saturday and each day also features exclusive parties, rose wine happy hours and late-night crew gatherings. For high-end glamour, nothing matches the Monaco experience. 

This year’s Monaco Classic Week will also celebrate the “USA Classics.” And what is more classic than an America’s Cup 12 Meter! Our 12 Meter and the MYC team will be close to the center of this entire event.

We will field a Race Team of 10 sailors for Monaco Classic Week.  Racers will contribute towards the regatta costs.

We will also send a Social Team over to Monaco to represent Manhattan Yacht Club. The role of the Social Team is to attend every party, keep all the other sailors up late at night and generally make a favorable impression for MYC among the sailors of Europe. Social Team members also contribute towards the overall regatta costs. For the Social Team, Members may bring guests. 

If you are interested in being considered for the Racing or the Social Team at Monaco Classic Week, please email

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