Women’s Race Series

As part of our effort to foster and develop women’s sailing, the Club is organizing a Women’s Race Series on Sunday evenings.

This program will be tested over four weekends in 2019. The dates are: Sept 8, 15, 22 & 29. Boats should be prepared to leave the dock by 4:30 pm with the race starting at 5 p.m.

All women sailors in the Club (as well as men sailors interested in supporting the women), are encouraged to participate. During this test period, just come down to the docks, meet the other sailors and try to form crews. If you cannot find a crew spot, you can assist the race committee.

Starting in 2020, this program will become more formalized with boats allocated to women skippers like it is currently done with the Tuesday & Wednesday Series.

The 2019 rules are as follows:

  1. A member with skipper privileges must be on each boat and they will be responsible for the boat (although they do not have to steer).
  2. If you wish to skipper a boat on one of these race days, please use the MYC reservation system. If you need assistance, please email mindy@myc.org.
  3. Only women sailors may touch the tiller and trim the genoa/jib and spinnaker.
  4. Teams may have 1 or 2 men onboard.
  5. This program is Members-only, no guests are permitted.
  6. There will be one practice start at 5 pm followed by one real start.
  7. There will be one race each Sunday on a normal sized race course.
  8. Each week will be a separate race with no cumulative scores kept in 2019.
  9. Pick up crews are encouraged. Please take as many sailors as is safe so everyone who wishes to sail can sail.
  10. Please help recruit more skippers to participate so more boats can sail.
  11. After sailing, please participate in the post-race social to build camraderie and spirit amoung our women sailors.

Questions, please call Mindy King at 212-786-3323.

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